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The Water Cure – Out May 24th

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The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh
Publish Date : 5/24/2018
Started: 3/6/18
Finished: 3/7/18
Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received a copy of The Water Cure from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. After looking back at this story, I can’t help to think of this more as a love-hate relationship.

Summary from Goodreads:

Imagine a world very close to our own: where women are not safe in their bodies, where desperate measures are required to raise a daughter. This is the story of Grace, Lia and Sky, kept apart from the world for their own good and taught the terrible things that every woman must learn about love. And it is the story of the men who come to find them – three strangers washed up by the sea, their gazes hungry and insistent, trailing desire and destruction in their wake.

Hypnotic and compulsive, The Water Cure is a fever dream, a blazing vision of suffering, sisterhood and transformation.

My review:

Without giving away too many spoilers, I find the story to be ironic. What the girls think of as saving them ultimately leads to be their demise, or at least what I think is their traditional thought’s demise. Transformation does come to play here but the book ends abruptly in that you never see that full transformation. I have to say that the read was very thought-provoking in more than one way. First, the themes and plot in itself is thought-provoking. Some of the rituals and things that are occurring really make you wonder what is so dangerous or what is thought to be so dangerous that this family has secluded themselves so intensely. The other way that the book is so thought provoking is because the author leaves so much of these answers out of the book. It must be purposeful that the reader can fill in the blanks as to why this family’s lives have led to be this way but in the same time, it is almost annoying. I want more concrete reasons as to why their lives are this way.  I also have so many questions about the women’s cult itself. It once seemed to be thriving. What really happened? And where did these rituals to cure the body really come from? I have so many questions that I want answered beyond my imagination. With all the flaws I had for the story, I still was interested in it. I wanted to keep reading because the information we do get is still odd. I have to be honest, this book is not something that I usually would have thought I would like. I am in the minority of not being a fan of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. This novel somewhat reminded me of it being there are so many questions as to why things are that way. I enjoy story lines that are more concrete and have more of a plot. This isn’t to say that many others enjoy thought-provoking stories such as this; stories that make you think of its possibilities. This is a story that I will keep thinking about so all in all, the author did succeed in that way.

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