Great Restaurants

Fortune Cookie -Medford, NJ

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? Takeout is obviously amazingly convenient but sometimes you just want to sit down and be served. There aren’t a ton of great Chinese restaurants for this purpose.

I found Fortune Cookie after going to its neighbor “Cucina Illiano”. That’s a whole different review 😋😋

My boyfriend had gone and said that he used to get takeout here once in a while. We met my parents there and it’s been love ever since.

They put crunchy noodles on every table either duck sauce and homemade mustard which is spicy and delicious! I also love that they put a bowl of chinese cabbage on the table. It’s so good. I’ve tried to replicate it but mine always comes out too wet with not the exact flavor.

I’ve had their walnut chicken, generals chicken, and recently their pan fried noodles with pork. The dish was so big. I was definitely happy with this choice and I’ll be getting it again for sure.

Walnut Chicken

Now, I know I said this is a Chinese restaurant, but they serve sushi and some Japanese dishes. Their Sushi prices average about $.50 – $1.00 more. Get it anyway! It’s some of the freshest tasting sushi that I’ve had AND is the fullest roll I’ve ever had. There is so much filling by in these and they’re huge! So delicious. I usually get a roll as an appetizer and then a Chinese dish. It’s the best of both worlds.

I absolutely adore this spicy tuna roll.

You can find them at:
200 Tuckerton Road
Medford, NJ 08055
( it is the old Murphy’s shopping center)

Sorry for the darker pictures. They were from before I got my cool flash device for my iPhone during a different visit!

Now what are you waiting for? Go get some bombdotcom Chinese food!

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