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Iced London Fog Latte WW FRIENDLY!

Hey Ya’ll! How many of you like tea lattes? I definitely do but you can’t get them at many places around me other than Starbucks. As much as I was loving my London Fog Latte, I wasn’t loving the points and I wasn’t loving the price. A Venti was costing me $5.70 or so and that just wasn’t something I wanted to spend every single day. And then one day as I was watching them make my iced latte, I thought to myself, “Why the heck am I just not making these?” And so the next day I did and it tasted EXACTLY like what I was buying. It was less calories AND cost way less. Starbucks offers almond milk but it’s sweetened and I wasn’t sure how much they were actually using so I couldn’t count points accurately and I didn’t want it sweetened anyway! So here’s my Mock Starbucks Iced London Fog!

Iced London Fog Latte

Serves 1


  1.  Two tea bags of Earl Grey tea. You can use whatever brand you like. Amazon has many like the one I linked but you can definitely find them in your local grocer.
  2. 1/2 Cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  3. Sugar Free Vanilla Coffee Syrup (I use Torani and it can be found at most grocers as well as Amazon here)
  4. Ice (I usually use at least 1/2 of a tray because I like mine super cold)

    1. Brew two tea bags according to box directions. I brew two bags in 12 oz of hot water for five minutes.
    2. Pour your tea into a larger tumbler (20 oz) and let it cool.
    3. Add 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk. I often use the Walmart brand because it’s inexpensive!
    4. Add a cap full of the sugar free vanilla syrup to the cup.
    5. Mix everything around.
    6. Add ice to the cup.

That’s it! It’s that simple. You’re ready to go with your low fat, low calorie, no sugar iced latte! This is also a 0 point drink if you’re on weight watchers!

Some tips that makes this process even easier:
1. If you have a Keurig machine, brew the largest cup you can without a K-Cup in the machine. It’ll basically just brew hot water that you can steep your tea bags in!
2. I often make this recipe the night before and let it sit in the refrigerator over night. The next morning, I add the ice and it’s good to go!
3. I use the Torani Sugar Free syrup for so much! I make 0 point parfaits with it in the morning by adding a cap full to Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt (hello, 0 point vanilla yogurt!).

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