About Me

About Me

My name is Shahna. I live and grew up in Southern New Jersey. I’m a teacher in an urban school for students with emotional behavioral disorders. My job has really defined who I am in the last four years. It’s made me a more caring person as I grew up as an only child and can be a little selfish (hey, we all have flaws).

I am currently getting my master’s degree in Special Education in order to become a special education director. I love to travel, even if it’s a close weekend gettaway. Although this blog will be dedicated to books and food, I must also share that I am a lover of ALL things Disney. I also am obsessed with music, all genres. Make fun of me if you want but I love love love Dave Matthews Band (some of us don’t grow out of our high school years) The Dirty Heads, and any “chill” reggae style music. In my very little free time, I read, cook every night, and go to restaurants and explore on the weekends.

I started this blog journey soley because I love to share my thoughts and food. As mentioned before, I grew up as an only child and sharing was not my strongsuit. However, sharing experiences has never been an issue for me. I love my life, what I do, and what I experience and I love to share those aspects with my students and hopefully others coming to this page!

I look forward to adding posts about some of my favorite things in order to share with my viewers!

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